Downtown South Orange

A Brief History of South Orange

The Township of South Orange Village, or South Orange for short, traces its history back to colonial America in the mid-1600s. Settlers traveling from Connecticut landed on the shores of the Passaic River and purchased the land known today as Newark from the Lenni Lenape Indians. After about a decade, the settlers decided to expand their territory and purchased a new swath of land just west of Newark which encompassed all of the Oranges as well as many other modern-day townships. Having been settled since before the Revolutionary War, this land has seen the birth of America first hand and actively played its part by creating the first primitive roadways in the early 1700’s. These roadways would eventually be used regularly by George Washington and his troops during the American Revolution. These roadways are now modern-day thoroughfares such as South Orange Avenue, Main Street and Ridgewood Road. South Orange would be officially incorporated as its own township in 1869.

Modern day South Orange is just as vital to Northern New Jersey as it was in the colonial era. Many people flock to this area of New Jersey because of its rich history, charm and proximity to major cities such as Newark or New York City. It is common for many people who work in the city to commute home to the suburbs, this makes towns along the train line such as South Orange and Maplewood highly sought after. Many homes for sale in South Orange are so close to public transportation that you can walk to or from the stations within minutes! South Orange is also the home of Seton Hall University which was established in 1856 and is one of the most prestigious schools in the state. Seton Hall helps to give South Orange a fun college town appeal with great bars and venues to visit year-round.

The public-school system in South Orange has programs for children of all ages from preschool through high school. Many of the educational facilities are shared with the neighboring township of Maplewood where the shared high school, Columbia, is located. Columbia has been ranked the #6 best college-prep high school in Essex County with bountiful extracurricular activities and AP courses available for all students.

South Orange is also widely known for its appreciation and commitment to furthering the arts. The town has its own performing arts center, SOPAC, which features plays, musicals, poetry and live music events year-round. The South Orange Village Center also hosts live music in the downtown area during the summer months that features a plethora of local artists from across the state. Many urbanites moving from Brooklyn or Manhattan tend to settle in South Orange because of its connection to the arts and it’s safe neighborhoods which also give you quick access to the city and all of the entertainment options available there. If you are looking to move to a fun, charming and comfortable new neighborhood, South Orange is definitely a place to check out! You can view homes for sale in South Orange here.

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