Can I Take That Wall Down?

With open concept being as popular as it is, one of the most common questions we get when showing houses is “Can I take that wall down?” As Realtors, our advice is to consult with a contractor or architect. At Hearth Realty Group we are fortunate enough to have an architect who is also Realtor on staff, Maplewood resident Camilla Flannery owner of Studio Vert Architecture. Camilla has helped hundreds of local residents with renovation projects big and small. So we asked Cami to share how she answers the question:

“Many of the houses in SOMA were built in the 1920’s with formal, compartmentalized spaces. I have a great appreciation for the quality of the framing in these older houses, but the small rooms and divided spaces on the first floor most often no longer work for current family lifestyles. Many of my clients come to me wanting to create an open floorplan but are concerned about structural constraints.

My answer to them is: there are no constraints if the load is properly supported. I’ve opened up entire first floors with nothing but the center fireplace remaining and designed basements removing all the columns. So rest assured, with the proper structure, you can achieve most anything in the design of your remodel. It’s very important to never attempt to remove a wall without the guidance of a licensed contractor, engineer or architect.”

Whether you’re considering updates or changes to your current home, in the process of buying a home and need some design help or you’re in a “Love It or List It” phase, please reach out to Camilla Flannery for a consultation.

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Camilla Flannery
Realtor & Architect

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