Top 5 Things That Every Homeowner Should Do to Prepare Their Home For Sale

Most of us are living in our largest asset so when it becomes time to sell we want the greatest return. While selling a home is a business transaction, it can also be very emotional as it can represent change and leaving a space where memories were created. When it’s time to move on and put your house up for sale the two most important factors are proper pricing and proper presentation. Consider the following 5 things when getting ready.

1) Declutter and depersonalize: People need to be able to see themselves living in a space. Too many personal belongings can get in the way of that. Too much stuff in general can take the focus off of the features of a room and cause people to miss details like high ceilings or beautiful moldings. You want the attention on the house and you want it to feel like their next home. When your home goes on the market think about a model home. Remember that the more people who want to buy your home can translate into the most money for you.

2) The place should be immaculate: Potential buyers will look in your closets, your refrigerator, your oven and all around your home. Consider a deep cleaning, including having your windows washed, right before your home goes on the market.

3) Don’t forget the curb appeal: Often Sellers focus on the inside and forget about the outside. If your outside isn’t appealing, the buyer may never step inside. Remember that you only get one chance to make a first impression so clean up your lawn, consider seasonal flowers, mulch the beds and if you house needs painting, do it if you can swing it or plan to price accordingly.

4) Buyers hate a wet basement: In fact, many buyers today want a finished basement or to at least know that they could finish it in the future. Even if the space cannot be finished, they want to know that it is dry.  If your basement takes water at all, consult and expert, find the source and consider remedying it.

5) Check your systems: How old is your furnace, hot water and roof? If you have a fire place or Central AC have you had it maintained? Is your roof in good repair? These are things that will be looked at during a home inspection so you want to be prepared.

If the thought of selling your home is stressing you out, give us a call. Hiring an experienced agent to guide you through the preparation to the closing table can make all the difference in your experience and outcome. The Lichtman Rabney Group at Hearth Realty is led by a former NYC attorney and a former Senior VP at Atlantic Recording Company. While they are award-winning agents with over 25 years combined experience in the local market, their true measure of success is through the satisfaction of their clients. It has never been their goal to do the greatest number of transactions, their goal is to bring the greatest value to you.

Article by Fran Lichtman, Broker-Associate and Randy Rabney, Realtor-Associate
The Lichtman Rabney Group at Hearth Realty Group

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