Eugene Odegov
Realtor® Associate
(973) 699-8534

Eugene Odegov is a proud Essex County resident since 1998. He has resided in Livingston for over 15 years and has a vast knowledge of the different individual townships that make up Essex county.

Eugene received his Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering back in 1994and has had experience managing thousands of people for large corporations. Then, he decided to open his own business and has worked in the construction field building and renovating beautiful homes for satisfied customers for over 20 years. As a general contractor, he learned the ins and outs of structural and building codes for residential homes as well as gained extensive knowledge of Essex County. After becoming motivated to buy, renovate and sell houses, he became a Real Estate Agent in order to help future customers buy the house they were dreaming of, or sell their property quickly for a great price.

During his work as a general contractor, he learned to be diligent, detail-oriented, proactive and patient with people in the community he worked with such as inspectors, construction and building officials, suppliers and customers. Over the years, he has made a very successful and positive reputation for himself by providing high-quality results, which allowed his business to prosper and grow.

Always listening and learning is the key to Eugene’s success. His philosophy is: a job well-done is one that gets you the results you want.