Restaurants in Montclair NJ

Five Must-Try Restaurants in Montclair

Many people in northern New Jersey flock to Montclair because if its beautiful downtown, endless entertainment options and wide variety of eateries. Bloomfield Ave in particular is at the epicenter of the nightlife scene and is home to all kinds of different restaurants and bars. It seems as though you can find anything from Brazilian to Japanese to Cuban all grouped together in a cluster of just a few city blocks! Here are some of our personal favorites from downtown Montclair — in no particular order of course.

1. Ani Ramen: This Japanese noodle house is known for its delicious variety of ramen options and excellent array of appetizers. Ramen has been a major food craze over the last few years but Ani Ramen stands apart from the pack as a top-tier and competitively priced option. Although the menu isn’t gigantic, it doesn’t have to be. The main focus is ramen, which is at its core a Japanese soup with ramen noodles, homemade broth and a variety of proteins and vegetables. There are also delicious vegetarian options for those who prefer it. Before you order your big bowl of ramen, we suggest trying one of the buns as an appetizer! Ani Ramen can get very crowded because of their outstanding reputation, so be sure to arrive early. Ani Ramen is a BYOB establishment so feel free to show up with your favorite wine or beer. They also have locations in Jersey City and Summit. Visit their official website here.

2. Cuban Pete’s: A local fan favorite, Cuban Pete’s is one of the busiest restaurants in all of Montclair. Their menu boasts a ton of classic Cuban dishes and a variety of tapas to suit all types of palettes. They’re also very well known for their decadent non-alcoholic sangrias, just remember, this restaurant is BYOB, so bring your own bottle of wine to add to it. The decor and ambiance has a distinct island vibe which makes for a very fun dining experience. From the paella to the churrasco, you simply can’t go wrong at Cuban Pete’s. Visit their website here.

3. Salute Brick Oven Bistro: Northern New Jersey could be considered one of the best places in all of America for Italian cuisine, it’s just our style, but Salute stands apart. This Italian bistro offers both classic and modern dishes for a more adventurous dining experience or a timeless Itlalian staple. Inspired by dishes that would be found in Tuscany or Umbria, this establishment is true to form and wholeheartedly embodies the flavors and textures of Italy itself. As with many restaurants in Montclair, diners are encouraged to bring their favorite bottle of wine from home to enjoy with their meal. To learn more, feel free to visit their official website here.

4. Noches de Colombia: You may have heard of Noches de Colombia before, seeing as they have 22 restaurants across New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Their abundance of establishments should be considered a testament to how excellent their food really is. Noches de Colombia is, as you might have guessed, a Colombian restaurant with delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner options. At any time of day, Noches is a fantastic spot to grab a meal with large portions for a good price. They also offer everything from iced coffee to a wide assortment of amazing fresh juices and lemonades. Visit their website here to learn more.

5. Samba Montclair: Most people assume that dining at a Brazillian restaurant means you’ll be dining at a rodizio, which is actually just their version of a steakhouse. Samba is a fantastic glimpse into the world of Brazilian food outside of rodizios. Known for their homestyle Brazilian fare and rustic atmosphere, Samba is a delight and an excellent change of pace. They offer different menus for brunch, lunch and dinner with many fragrant and mouth-watering options for all palettes to enjoy. Learn more about their history and dining options by visiting their website here.

Montclair has countless other amazing restaurants to try but we hope this list has given you a few locations to start with on your culinary adventure. We hope to see you around town soon!

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