Josh was extremely helpful during every step of our search and final decision to relocate from Brooklyn to New Jersey. He understood and was sensitive to the difficulties of moving and thoughtfully advised us how to navigate all of the complex issues we faced. He showed us high quality property and was very knowledgeable about them, the local neighborhoods in particular and New Jersey real estate in general. Josh also continued to provide dedicated and essential service after the deal was done. We were most impressed by his preparation, passion, confidence and expertise.

Being a first time home buyer, there are so many unknowns. It can be a very daunting and scary experience if you don’t have the right people who are willing to help educate you through this process. After about six months of no luck with another agent, my husband and I heard that Josh had started doing real estate full time. We made the switch and within one month, we had an accepted offer and our buying process began (I’ll add that Josh actually found the listing and brought it to our attention, as he quickly became accustomed to what we liked, our preferences and our overall style).

Not only did Josh educate us on ALL of the home buying processes, but he stayed in constant communication with us without being overly clingy or overbearing in any way. He is HONEST (you feel his genuine personality shine through in everything he says and does). He also helped us find our inspector (A+ job), a contractor for utilities (another A+ job) and our lawyer (who we met only at closing but what a smart, well educated woman who we most certainly will use again).

Not only will we use Josh for all of our future home purchases, but we will be recommending him to anyone looking to buy a home in the north Jersey area. Not only is he a fantastic agent who listens and understands his clients, but he is a wonderful person.

Josh is a very cool and friendly guy which makes you feel comfortable during the transaction process. he followed up and was involved from beginning to end. Great person!!

My wife and I could not have been more pleased with the care and attention we received from Josh Jacobs. Being first-time homebuyers, we didn’t have much to go on when we started looking. Josh not only found us the perfect home in our ideal range, he also walked us through every step of the home buying process. Atop all of this, he unfortunately broke his leg a couple of weeks before closing. While we told him that he could rest some, he still called from his hospital bed to make sure everything was still moving along. That’s a type of dedication that you don’t see often and we will be forever grateful for his help.

Josh met with my husband and I many times to show us homes in NJ. He is extremely knowledgeable about the NJ market. We chose to work with him because he is excellent at what he does. He made searching for a home easy. He was always reachable and responded to our questions quickly. We ended up buying a home in NY to be closer to family. But I would recommend Josh to anyone looking for a home NJ. He is the best, hands down!!!

The professionalism and effectiveness of Josh made the selling and buying process of my house run so smoothly. I highly recommend Josh to anyone who need to sell or buy a home.