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West Essex Waste Removal Guide

Recycling and proper disposal of waste and rubbish are excellent ways for everyone to help maintain a clean and eco-friendly community. There are certain rules that explain which items can and cannot be recycled depending on the county or township that you live in. Every town in Essex county has their own methods for when, where and how refuse, bulk waste and hazardous materials can be disposed of. Some towns will operate around a schedule to pick up waste on certain days, whereas other towns require you to drop off your waste at predetermined locations. The Essex County Utilities Authority (ECUA) determines the classification of what can and cannot be dropped off at these locations. For specific information, you can review their guidelines here. However, it is important to review your town’s specific regulations for bulk waste, refuse and recycling removal. Most towns will break their waste down into specific groups such as electronics, bulk items, hazardous materials, scrap metal, oils, leaves, Christmas trees and shredded paper, among other materials. In some cases, towns can be fined for misuse of disposal methods. For example, the Township of Verona can be fined whenever there is garbage found inside one of their disposable leaf bags. Linked below are town web pages that delve into the details of each township’s specific regulations and pickup schedules. Be sure to monitor these pages to be up to date on your town’s rules and timetables. For more information, we recommend reaching out to your township’s designated officials in charge of waste management. Their information can be found on their respective township websites. Every measure taken to ensure a cleaner community is worth the effort. Let’s keep the Garden State green!

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